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    Our references

    A selection of satisfied customers.

Something to be proud of: Our references

The best references are satisfied customers. Successful projects and completely satisfied customers are the best feedback and valuable evidence of our good work and comprehensive know-how! Have a look at our industry know-how in drive technology - worldwide!

Royal Fassin
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Royal Fassin: extrusion specialist

Find out how Royal Fassin changed the international confectionery-landscape, transforming and applying extrusion technology. Making Royal Fassin the one and only specialist in extruded confectionery.

Lan Handling Technologies
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Lan kiest voor decentraal

Voor een bekende voedingsmiddelenproducent wordt bij Lan momenteel het eerste modulaire handling-systeem met decentrale techniek opgebouwd en getest.

CB - Centraal Boekhuis
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Power & Energy system for books warehouse

CB is the largest logistics service provider in the field of books (physical and e-books) in the Dutch-speaking area. It decided to build a new ultramodern bins warehouse with a capacity of 150,000 bins.

FishFlow Innovations
Een vijzelgemaal in aanbouw van FishFlow Innovations

Vijzelgemaal voorkomt vissterfte

Het Nederlandse FishFlow Innovations ontwikkelde een visvriendelijk vijzelgemaal dat massale verwonding en sterfte van vissen bij de passage voorkomt. Ook het buitenland toont nu belangstelling.

2B Conveyor Systems
Blisteropdrukmachine van 2B Conveyor Systems

We move fast

2B levert niet alleen snel, maar haar machines maken ook hoge snelheden mogelijk (tot 1.500 vullingen/minuut). De zelf ontwikkelde productielijnen omvatten ketting-, matten-, rollen- en transportbanen, single liners en rinsers.

Roterende lascarrousel bij Vlemmix Aanhangwagens

Perhaps fastest welding street in the Netherlands

Kuunders Technoworks finished its "most beautiful project to date": A rotating carousel holding two welding robots that automatically weld profiles together and save numerous man-hours for Vlemmix Aanhangwagens. "We create what customers need".

Trioworld - re-thinking plastic
Trioworld - re-thinking plastic

Trioworld's stretchfilm

Trioworld proves that its plastic can make the world safer and healthier, in a sustainable way. The most important factor here is the increasing use of recycled plastics in the production of plastics as packaging material.

Qimarox uses decentralised technology
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for fast mechanical engineering

Making a complete machine up and running in a few steps without much technical knowledge, with ready-made modules. An SEW-EURODRIVE customer built a complete production line in a short time thanks to decentralised technology.

Copal Handling Systems
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Ingenious container unloading system

Copal System Handling designs and constructs automated systems that semiautomatically unload and palletize heavy bags from containers, making life much easier and healthier for many people working in harbours

Goodlife Foods
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Serving the goodlife with passion for food

Goodlife Foods is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of both branded and private label frozen food products, such as spring rolls and an extensive range of vegetarian products.

Elten Logistic Systems
Colruyt project liquid ice containers

Strong in well-considered simplicity

Elten Logistic Systems' aim is to eliminate annoyance and stress for shop floor workers. As a result they work more pleasantly in an ergonomical and productive way. The project realized at Colruyt is proof of this philosophy.

Pré Pain. We make. You bake.

Bread baking pioneer

Pré Pain is market leader in fresh bake-off bread products. The company supplies the major supermarkets and to do so, an ingenious ingenious process has been developed that minimizes disruptions.

HVL's metal processing capabilities
HVL's Optistore application

Much more than process metal

HVL gained its reputation by processing metal: steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Now it designs and manufactures machines for other companies, just like it developed its own Optistore, an automated warehouse for steel plates.

Belvac's amazing can printing speed
Newest eight-colour Rosario/Belvac machine model

36 cans per second

The Belvac/Rosario machines stand out for their extremely low down time, large processing speed and modular construction, thus guaranteeing a flexible processing of different can sizes.

Van der Zalm Metaalindustrie
Combustion drum is hoisted on frame

Revision of soil purification unit

Van der Zalm Metaalindustrie started making garden fences. Nowadays the company designs and builds huge steel constructions for civil engineering and for the industry, like de Dafne Schippers bridge in Utrecht.

Stam-Schaap Agro Mmmmm beetroots!
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Beetroots lifting mighty machine

Stam-Schaap Agro is a creative agricultural leader in the field of harvesting, transporting, sorting and storing beetroots. It developed a mighty machine that is used to pile up and store beetroots for later consumption.

Starline, manufacturer of luxury pools
Swimming pool moves through induction

Pool moves by contactless energy transfer

Starline recognized the advantages of applying contactless energy transfer for the transportation of their products by using MOVITRANS® from SEW-EURODRIVE.

TAL's modular dough processing equipment
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Broad range for patisserie

TAL manufactures a complete range of modular dough processing equipment for small and medium-sized patisserie enterprises wanting to automate their processes.

Boikon designed modular tabacco feed system for BAT
Boikon in Leek

Eliminating monotonous work

Boikon's 22 tabacco feed systems eliminated monotonous work at BAT Niemeyer, taking safety, hygiene and product quality into consideration.

Best Practice in remanufacturing and revision of industrial gears
Remanufacturing of SEW industrial gears

Optimal drive solution for Parenco in Renk

For years Parenco’s main product was newsprint. However, as the demand for newsprint began to fall in the early years of 2000, Parenco had to blaze a new trail. In 2010 SCB grade was successfully implemented.

Tronox whitening solution
Tronox Pigments B.V. in Rozenburg (NL)

'Our product is white...'

Tronox Pigments is a large manufacturer of titanium dioxide, the ultimate whitening agent, used as pigment for the dye industry. Tronox customers are paint manufacturers, the plastics industry and the paper laminate industry.

Momentive's special materials are used everywhere
Momentive and SEW-EURODRIVE cooperation

Proud to produce in Pernis

The materials that Momentive produces, are to be found everywhere in our world: buildings, cars, electronics and cosmetics.

Special drives keep oil in motion
Maasvlakte Olie Terminal with using drives from SEW-EURODRIVE

Special drive stirs oil

The crude oil at the Maasvlakte Olie Terminal is always in motion. This motion is caused by special drives from SEW-EURODRIVE. These are sea air resistant, explosion-proof and operate at extremely low speed.

Cotton pads processing
VMI Holland ACE300 cotton pads processing machine

Cotton pads' complex movements

VMI Holland designed and manufactured the ACE300, a machine that cuts, punches and packs cotton pads at real high speed (210 hubs/min). Seven servo axes make sure that the correct movements are precisely made.

Wuppermann Staal steelplate processing
Steel plates made by Wuppermann Staal with drives from SEW-EURODRIVE

Quality steel from Wuppermann

The Wuppermann Group manufactures steelplate products, tubes and pieces of sheet metal work. The Moerdijk settlement processes approx. 650.000 tons of steel per year. They are using industrial gears from SEW-EURODRIVE.

Amartech propulsion and rudder systems
Amartech ship solution with servo technology from SEW-EURODRIVE

Adjusting the propeller blades

Amartech developed a system, by means of which the propeller blades of a ship can be adjusted. By adjusting these blades the ship can be moved forwards and backwards without changing the direction of rotation of the shaft.

Interface sustainable carpet tiles
Sustainable carpet tiles made by Interface using SEW-EURODRIVE drives

Mission Zero of carpet leader Interface

World carpet tiles market leader Interface reduces the energy consumption of its carpeting designing and production system by using the MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system.

Wynveen's cattle feed machines
Industrial gears doing the mixing jobs

Versatile animal feed development

Wynveen International in Heteren (NL) designs and manufactures innovative cattle feed machines and for this uses industrial drives from SEW-EURODRIVE for the heavy work.

GEA de Klokslag: the cheese production systems company
SEW image

GEA de Klokslag designs and builds the whole cheese production line: from milk reception, pre-factory, cheese-making and control to the ice water installation.

De Aviateur Banketbakkerijen: A signature with taste
De Aviateur Banketbakkerijen: A customer using SEW-EURODRIVE

De Aviateur has become a large-scale cake and pastry specialist with five settlements, making egg cakes, almond paste cakes, coconut biscuits and puff pastry for the Dutch and foreign markets.

Dinxperlo's large-meshed gauze
Dinxperlo's large-meshed gauze

Large assortment of stainless spot welded gauze

The Dutch company Metaalgaasweverij Dinxperlo processes metal wire into woven and spot welded steel gauze that is used in filters, strainers, airbags, fencing masks etc.

Hencon extreme vehicles
Extreme vehicles made by Hencon with drives from SEW-EURODRIVE

Vehicles for extreme jobs made by Hencon

Where conventional forklift trucks and tractors are not adequate to do the work, the vehicles from Hencon come into action.

GROBA - the cheese processing specialist
Processing cheese without using hands - SEW-EURODRIVE

Processing cheese without using hands

GROBA redesigned its Lambda block cutting machine. It had to be adapted to the changing requirements in the field of hygiene, handling speed and looks of the cheese block themselves.

There is a nip in the air at Grolleman Coldstores
Moveable ligthing at Grolleman Coldstores | SEW-EURODRIVE

Traveling lighting at Grolleman Coldstores

Grolleman Coldstores installed a travelling line with LED lights that moves in conjunction with the racks that are being activated. The rest of the coldstore remains in the dark.

Apollo Engineering: mechanical engineering
Apollo Engineering can covers dividing and buffering station

Innovative dividing and buffering station

Apollo Engineering from Friesland (NL) designed and built a can cover dividing and buffering station and used drive technology, frequency inverters en motors from SEW-EURODRIVE.

WEIR Minerals the Netherlands
WEIR Minerals the Netherlands

Dutch knowledge and teamwork for mining industry

International networking between a Dutch customer and SEW worldwide, helped a Finish mining company and upgraded an in-house test system at the same time.

Dutch Wheels B.V.
Vekoma/Dutch Wheels’ eye-catching Ferris wheel

Project of the Year

A Ferris wheel still fills people with awe, especially so, when the wheel has a diameter of 60 meter and was proclaimed “Project of the Year” by one of the leading branches’ magazines in the USA.

Pluim timber yard and sawmill
30 years old MOVITRAC® 304 frequency inverter

30 years old MOVITRAC® 304

It is not exactly an everyday occurrence that we have the opportunity to exchange two 30 years old MOVITRAC® 304 frequency inverters that are still working properly.

Coca-Cola HBC Austria GmbH
Coca-Cola HBC Austria GmbH

In focus - increased sustainability and efficiency

Our MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drives allowed the Viennese soft drink bottling plant to reduce its energy costs

75% energy saving by MOVIGEAR® in SNI technology

Energy efficiency saves costs

The energy saving objective was easily surpassed thanks to our new mechatronic drive technology with MOVIGEAR® and SNI technology.

SNI technology reduces installation expense

Lower installation expense

SNI technology enables communication transmission via a single shielded cable. This reduces installation expense.

Winkel GmbH
Innovative design - Winkel stacker crane

Drive and safety technology for stacker cranes

Our customer Winkel successfully developed a technical innovation with our servo drive technology and a sophisticated safety concept.

10 - 35% reduction in mass compared to conventional stacker cranes

Save space with fewer components

Winkel achieves a 10 - 35% reduction in mass together with lower energy consumption.

MOVISAFE®: modular safety in the inverter

MOVISAFE®: modular safety

Cost savings by getting rid of additional external protection devices and due to the long service life of our safety components.

More references
Luggage transportation system with MOVIGEAR® at Gatwick Airport in London

Used by Gatwick Airport

Gatwick is an example of Best Practice in sustainability and energy saving. This was made possible by more than 1.500 of our MOVIGEAR® drives.

SMC reactors with industrial gear units

Used by SMC

We supplied a powerful and robust X series industrial gear unit to SMC as a drive unit for an agitator in a reactor.

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