Cotton pads processing machine

  • The cotton pads processing machine

    Servo axes provide precise movements

    VMI Holland B.V. designs and manufactures high-speed cotton pads cutting and packing machines using drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE.

A connection between the production of radial tires for cars and punching cotton pads for facial cleansing is not obvious. After having been introduced to VMI Holland BV the relationship becomes more understandable. The company from Epe has recently launched a completely new machine on the market that for once does not make tires, but processes cotton fleece rollers into ready-to-use cotton pads, wrapped in plastic bags. The first ACE300 is now in operation in Germany.

Therefore the combination of rubber and cotton is less strange than it seemed, especially if one knows that VMI took over the activities of EBM Techniek in 2009 and integrated these activities into the EBM Product Handling Systems product group. VMI Holland B.V., founded in 1945, developed from a repair and construction workshop into a global player for the production of mill room equipment and machines for the production of radial tires for passenger cars and trucks, buses and off-the-roads. EBM Techniek brought in expertise about manufacturing and integrating automated handling systems in the production and packaging process in the food and non-food industry.

The synergy of this technical know-how led to the development of the ACE300, a machine that standalone, fully automatically and very fast - 210 strokes/min – cuts, punches and packs cotton pads (40-120 pads per bag, up to 50 bags per minute). Seven servo axes, controlled via two virtual movements, perform the right movements with great precision.

The challenge was to design a compact machine that carries out the whole process from semi-finished product to packed end product smoothly and quickly. The cotton pads are punched at a speed of more than three hubs per second, collected in a shaft and then pushed in a plastic bag that was blown open. After that the bags are moved into the direction of the packing machine.

In the machine a whole range of SEW-Eurodrive products is responsible for the movements. We're talking about geared motors, frequency inverters (type MOVITRAC® B), servo motors, MOVIAXIS® and MOVI-PLC®. The latter, in which SEW-Eurodrive has programmed the movements, ensures the control of the whole and has a multi-motion platform that synchronizes the machine engines. The movements are programmed according to certain curves in such a way that the mechanical load is minimal.

Because of the complete sinus-shape the movements are steady in acceleration and deceleration, hence less wear and a lower noise production. The MOVIAXIS® is a multi-axes servo amplifier that is particularly designed for the compact (mounting depth of 260 mm) automation of machines and installations. VMI and SEW have been working together for years now: VMI regards SEW-Eurodrive as an all-round supplier.

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