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  • The Lambda block cutting machine

    GROBA redesigned its Lambda block cutting machine

    It had to be adapted to the changing requirements in the field of hygiene, handling speed and looks of the cheese block themselves.

No cheese is similar to the other and thus also cheese cutting machines differ from each other. GROBA knows all the ins en outs. This cheese processing specialist, based in Ittervoort (Limburg) has been designing and manufacturing solutions for portioning, de-crusting, de-foiling, cutting, parting and rasping cheese since 1977. For the benefit of more and more customers: The company now exports more than 80% of its machines to more than 60 countries worldwide.

As to GROBA the SEW drives are applied as a default

Lambda block cutting machine
Lambda block cutting machine

GROBA is modernizing continuously. Last year the company started the re-development of its Lambda block cutting machine. It had to be adapted to the changing requirements in the field of hygiene and handling speed, but also as to the appearance of the cheese products themselves. And then the company, consisting of 40 employees, is acting vigorously: A multidisciplinary project team is put together that unites all necessary knowledge of mechanical engineers, technicians, electro-engineers, software engineers and project managers with only one mutual aim: To think up and elaborate the best overall solution for this specific customer.

Maarten van de Kruijs, project manager: “The aim was to develop an open design that allows operators to have access to the machine from multiple sides. The newest technology had to be concealed in closed compartments.” This was done accordingly. The new machine has a modest technical space and a production space. Drives, electronic parts and cables are tucked away behind a stainless steel housing and do not touch that what it's all about: the cheese. The new device can be integrated in a larger entity, for example with an automated insert system. In the meantime several versions of this block cutting machine have been sold, built and successfully installed.

The renewed Lambda block cutting machine offers many extra possibilities from a control-technical point of view. It can be put into operation swiftly, offers more flexibility as to programs, sorts of cheese and speeds, makes a more attractive finished product, has reduced the conversion time considerably (for example by exchanging the cutting frame rapidly) and last be not least is user-friendlier.

In developing this new machine SEW-EURODRIVE played a part as well. Maarten van de Kruijs : “We asked SEW to think along with us about the question which controls, forces and powers would be the best solution for this new machine. The control is now done by means of four servo inverters and four frequency-controlled drives.”

As to GROBA the SEW drives have become a standard. The machine contains helical gear units (RF17), bevel gear units (KA 57) with MOVITRAC® B inverters and servo motors (CMP) with MOVIDRIVE® application controllers, operator panel included. A CCU (Configurable Control Unit) controls all inverters. Big advantage: parametering instead of programming.

Maarten van de Kruijs: “Our companies complement each other well. We know everything about cheese processing machines, SEW knows all about drive and control techniques.”


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