Drive solution for Metaalgaasweverij Dinxperlo

  • Wire gauze made by Dinxperlo using products from SEW-EURODRIVE

    Best Practice in stainless steel wire gauze and cloth

    Metaalgaasweverij Dinxperlo welds and weaves metal wire. The result: woven and spot welded steel gauze that is used in many applications, like filters and strainers.

Being a drive specialist we get in touch with many industries and distinct applications. A very special customer is Metaalgaasweverij Dinxperlo. The company – approximately 90 employees – manufactures a large range of wire gauze and exports it to countries around the world. Its own technical department renovates the machinery periodically and makes sure that the company is always able to remain steps ahead of competition – especially in Asia – in the field of efficiency and quality.

Metaalgaasweverij Dinxperlo provided its machines with DR. and servo motors from SEW-EURODRIVE.

Metaalgaasweverij Dinxperlo was founded in 1917 and thus exists more than 100 years. This milestone is marked by moving into a completely new office building and a modern, spacious production hall. Tjerk Dolfing, industrial automation project engineer, is jointly responsible for keeping the machinery up-to-date. Under his supervision old machines are reconstructed and provided with new SEW squirrel-cage induction motors and servo motors that are controlled through displays, PLCs and frequency inverters. Finetuning this equipment requires absolute accuracy.

Metaalgaasweverij Dinxperlo welds and weaves metal thread. The result – woven and spot-welded steel gauze – is used in countless technical applications, for example filters and sieves. The assortment consists of all kinds of metals and alloys, mesh widths and thread thicknesses, from 2.5 mm to 20 micron (thickness of a baby hair). The stainless metal gauze is applied in airbags, steam irons, fencing masks, filter equipment in laboratories or is used to make chip baskets. Specific steel gauze is used to sort sand and shingle, or to clean drill rinsing in the offshore sector or, closer to home, to filter drinking-water.

Updating the old machinery

Dinxperlo produces most of the wire threads in its own wire shop. Stainless steel, white and galvanized iron and aluminium are often used, but also tungsten and copper are being woven into gauze. When weaving gauze the warp and weft threads cross each other in an alternating pattern. Each time a thread is passing another thread in turn beneath and above. Given welded gauze the threads are spot-welded mechanically at the junctions. SEW servo and squirel-cage induction motors take care of movements, which are geared to one another in order to create various weaving patterns. After the weaving the gauze undergoes one or more final processing: it can be glowed, galvanized, rolled and planed or provided with a plastic coating.

Tjerk Dolfing: ”Why we chose for SEW-EURODRIVE? SEW has a lot of knowledge and experience, makes fine quality products and supplies swiftly. The two companies work together smoothly and pleasantly.”

For the most recent reconstruction of a loom, SEW-Eurodrive supplied the following components:

  • DOP operating panel
  • MOVIDRIVE® application inverter
  • servo motor type CMP
  • DR. squirrel-cage induction motor
  • prefabricated motor and encoder cables

The use of these cables reduces the risk of connection errors considerably, so that the installation takes less time, which is exactly what the company aspires.

Quote: Tjerk Dolfing, industrial automation project engineer

Bit by bit we are bringing our old machinery up to date.

Our own technicians are re-building the whole machine. SEW-EURODRIVE supplies the drive technology and helps (trains) us with the programming, so that our own people can operate the machine more easily.

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