Supply of primary packaging: efficient drive solutions

  • Supply of primary packaging in the beverage industry

    Irrespective of whether you use disposable packaging, reusable packaging, glass bottles or PET containers, our energy-efficient drive systems ensure the efficient su

Depending on the packaging, the beverage industry uses different systems and machines to sort, wash, and convey reusable goods as well as supply PET preforms and bottles. Our drive technology is a perfect match for all your needs.

Your benefits

  • Energy savings of up to 50%

    Thanks to mechatronic drives that are particularly energy efficient and ensure a smooth supply of primary packaging.
  • Simple startup

    Thanks to our drive and automation technology. Furthermore, our modular system ensures that all components are compatible with one another.
  • Fast batch changes

    Thanks to highly flexible drive solutions that can quickly adapt to changes in your production process.
  • Smooth dynamics

    Thanks to highly dynamic, low-inertia servo drives (suitable for extreme accelerations in the reusable bottle sorter).

Our solutions for your efficient processes for the supply of primary packaging

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