Safety services

Safety services from the safetyDRIVE program

We offer you safety components and characteristic safety values in the form of data sheets and a SISTEMA library. Modular safety service packages certified by TÜV Rheinland round out the services we offer.

Comprehensive package of certified safety services

We have grouped the 16 phases of the safety life cycle of standard IEC 61508 into practical units and offer you corresponding service packages.

Our service packages at a glance:

Safety service package 1: Directives and standards research with risk assessment

Safety service package 2: Development of safety concept

Safety service package 3: Validation of safety functions

Safety service package 4: Startup

Safety service package 5: CE support

Your benefits

  • Build cost efficiency into planning

    because our safety services offer you expert advice, certified service packages and safety solutions.
  • Operate safely

    because our Functional Safety Management and observance of the required steps offer you legal certainty and quality.
  • Use efficiently

    because our modular and individually adaptable safety services guarantee you safe drive automation solutions.
  • Reduce costs

    thanks to the support of our employees who have many years of experience.

Safety service package 1

Research for directives and standards with risk assessment

Safety service package 1

Research which is relevant for your product and applicable directives and standards in conjunction with the management of the risk assessment

This safety service package contains:

- Directives and standards research

- Risk assessment for your machines, systems, partly completed machinery and components based on the research for directives and standards according to EN ISO 12100.

- Data collection for creating the risk assessment on site at your system

- On site checking and adjustment of content and technical aspects of the risk assessment you made

Safety service package 2

Safety service package 3

Validation of safety functions

Safety service package 3

Researching characteristic safety values and calculation of the performance level in line with EN ISO 13849-1+2 using SISTEMA

This safety service package contains:

- Detailed results printout from SISTEMA

- Results summary in project-specific documentation

- Archiving acceptance protocols at SEW-EURODRIVE

Safety service package 4


Safety service package 4

Starting up the system including safety functions on site

This safety service package includes:

- Startup costing and quotation

- Setup of the required safety functions specially for your system

- Startup of the system on site

Safety service package 5

CE support

Consultation regarding necessary measures prior to project planning

This safety service package contains:

- General advice on CE conformity processes and Functional Safety on site at your location

- Advice on necessary measures and implementation of machine or system specific requirements

- Safety-related training


We are certified by TÜV Rheinland.

We have successfully implemented every phase of the safety life cycle together with the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV). In addition to the components of functional safety, project planning, validation of safety functions and startup belong to the safety services for the Machinery Directive. We also offer you the support of our expert employees who have many years of experience in questions relating to risk assessment and CE conformity procedures.

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