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CDS® – Complete Drive Service

Our CDS® system modules can be used individually or together to always provide exactly the service you need for your drive technology – no matter when and where you need it.

CDS® Complete Drive Service
CDS® service modules: individually usable and perfectly combinable
CDS® service modules: individually usable and perfectly combinable

The individual needs of our customers can vary widely depending on application. Sometimes professional startup support is needed. Other times the focus is on inspections, maintenance or application programming.

This is why we offer support where you need it. CDS® gives you a modular system of services that are based on decades of practical and extensive experience.

The contents of each of these CDS® modules can be fully customized. In addition, every module is designed so flexibly that you can combine individual contents to suit your needs perfectly without difficulty. We will work with you to create your tailored service package to ensure high availability in your drive technology.

Our service organizations in over 77 Drive Technology Centers worldwide ensure that complete drives and spare parts are readily available – in many regions even within 24 hours. From preventative maintenance, fault management and the 24h Service Hotline to transportation logistics, SEW-EURODRIVE gives you the reliability you need for your drive system!

We offer the following services:

Service locations in the Netherlands

We don't leave our customers to fend for themselves. Not even when all the drive technology components have been installed and production is up and running. We provide you with support at no cost for all your questions and needs for servicing installed drive technology and control electronics. Whether spare parts, inspections, maintenance or upgrading. We assist you with your own personal contact.

Just talk to a SEW-EURODRIVE customer service representative at the service location near you – we look forward to hearing from you!

Service locations in the Netherlands 1
Service Competence Center North | Gorredijk

Wetterkant 2 • 8401 GC GORREDIJK • Tel: +31 (0)513 726 100

Service Competence Center East | Zutphen

Zonnehorst 2 • 7207 BT ZUTPHEN • Tel: +31 (0)575 574 494

SEW-EURODRIVE Service Center South Netherlands |  Venlo

De Gruisdonk 13 • 5928 RT VENLO • Tel: +31 (0)77 366 1873

Service Center West  |  Rotterdam

Industrieweg 175 • 3044 AS ROTTERDAM • Tel: +31 (0)10 446 3700

Service Center North West  |  Purmerend

Weberstraat 74 • 1446 VV PURMEREND • Tel: +31 (0)299 666 338


  1. 1
    Service Center North • Gorredijk
  2. 2
    Service Center East • Zutphen
  3. 3
    Service Center South • Venlo
  4. 4
    Service Center West • Rotterdam
  5. 5
    Service Center North West • Purmerend
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CDS® Complete Drive Service

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