Condition Monitoring Service

Condition monitoring – individual and systematic

Condition monitoring – individual and systematic

Condition Monitoring Service

Condition monitoring is based on systematically determining the condition of all drive technology and drive automation.

We create and implement entire concepts for you, from initial consulting and designing of the optimal analysis method to installation and diagnostics. This approach includes measurement, interpretation and visualization of defined parameters that are then forwarded to your maintenance system. Targeted evaluations require the appropriate expertise and the right sensors – this is easy with SEW-EURODRIVE on your side. We compare the measurements to reference values we have collected throughout the years – this enables you to act instead of react.

The following services can be combined individually:

  • Thermal imaging of control cabinets and drive components
  • Examination with an inspection scope for gear unit diagnostics
  • Visual inspection of drive technology
  • Load state analysis
  • Analysis of device-specific environmental conditions
  • Current consumption measurement
    and many others

Your benefits

Diagnostic units

Time is money and maintenance is certainly no exception, so take advantage of the ideal product/service combination with drive technology diagnostic units from the modular system.

Oil check – lubricant analysis

All gear units need oil. The gearing wouldn’t last long without suitable lubricants. By protecting gear units against wear, lubricants also help prevent driven machinery from breaking down.

Oil also has a remarkable "memory" – during its service life and ongoing aging process, it takes on board a whole host of information about the gear unit’s inner workings and condition.

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Condition Monitoring Service

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