Supply of raw materials in the beverage industry

  • Supply of raw materials in the beverage industry

    Stringent hygiene standards apply to the supply of raw materials to the bottling process. Our specially equipped drives satisfy the necessary safety requirements.

In beverage manufacturing, quality is very much dependent on having an aseptic environment. All parts of the system, including its drives, must be easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and cleaning agents.

Your benefits

  • Perfect hygiene

    Thanks to easy-to-clean surfaces with an aseptic or HygienePlus layer or the use of stainless steel gearmotors.
  • Energy savings of up to 50%

    Thanks to mechatronic drives that are particularly energy efficient and ensure correct movement.
  • Simple startup

    Thanks to our drive and automation technology. Furthermore, our modular system ensures that all components are compatible with one another.
  • Extremely low maintenance

    Thanks to particularly robust and long-lasting drives (also for susceptible areas).
  • High resistance

    Thanks to high-quality corrosion and surface protection (for example, the high-protection layer HP200, which is resistant to acidic or caustic cleaning agents).

Process steps in the supply of raw materials in the beverage industry

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