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With the StarterSET, we give you a starter set that you can expand with individually customized add-ons according to the requirements of your machines – in a flexible, modular, and independent way. It's good to know that this gives you options. You can implement your drive and automation technology entirely with products from SEW-EURODRIVE while remaining independent at the same time: anything is possible and there are no obligations.


Your starter set – from start to end-of-line

Faster, more customized, and more flexible: True to this philosophy and following the idea of a model kit, with our StarterSET, we offer you a complete and perfectly adapted software and hardware package „made by SEW-EURODRIVE“ for the widest variety of machines. Regardless of whether your processes run continuously or cyclically: Our automation package does more than make it easy for you to implement your machine solution. The StarterSET also reduces the time spent on configuration as well as the duration of your project, thereby reducing your overall costs (Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE).

Quote by Alexander Hack, Strategic Portfolio Manager at SEW-EURODRIVE

Automation is complex. It is therefore good to know that our StarterSET helps you to simplify the automation solution for your machine.

Packaging machines cover a massive range

Billions of products, foods, and goods are packaged, transported, unloaded, repackaged, mixed, stored, recycled, sorted, separated, divided, or distributed on a daily basis. And regardless of whether we are talking about primary, secondary, or other packaging types, the variety is nearly endless. As a result, intelligent packaging machines have become an indispensable part of industry. Pack size, pack weight, product characteristics, and product volumes are crucial for the automation of these packaging machines as well as for their functions and motion sequences.

Simple solutions for your machine automation

Quick switchovers and frequent product changes call for a modular and flexible machine design. This applies to packaging machines in particular. However, many application and motion sequences are the same. They may not be absolutely identical, but they still offer possibilities for simplifying things through standardization.

SEW‑EURODRIVE developed the StarterSET for this very purpose. This set consists of basic hardware and software components that are specifically tailored to and preselected for the respective machine type. The StarterSET can be used as is, as a basic package, but there are also flexible adaptation options and countless customized add-ons.

  • Horizontal FFS machine
  • Vertical FFS machine
  • Side loader/top loader multipackers
  • Gantry palletizers / palletizing robots

StarterSET for horizontal FFS machines

Horizontal FFS machine
Horizontal FFS machine

Horizontal FFS machines (HFFS) are ideal for individually packaged goods such as chocolate bars and cookies – not just in the food industry. These machines package the products individually and separately. SEW‑EURODRIVE automation enables quick and easy automatic format changes for this application. Manufacturers can therefore handle different products and bag sizes perfectly using just one packaging machine.

Stable temperature control is crucial to the quality of the seal on the bags, while the material and the speed of the packaging machine have a direct impact on control. Such control processes can be adjusted and controlled with high precision with high disturbances using the software modules included in the MOVIKIT® AutomationFramework. Combined with the MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming software module, the film print mark can be perfectly synchronized with the sealing. The software modules contained in the StarterSET also support quick and easy automation accordingly.

StarterSET Horizontal Form Fill and Seal „standard“ (612) is available as a starter set for a rather compact horizontal FFS machine with only two synchronous servo axes. StarterSET Horizontal Form Fill and Seal „advanced“ (614) is the right starter set for up to six synchronized servo drives with further automation and visualization tasks. Regardless of the required controller performance, both starter sets contain the MOVIKIT® Bundle FormFillSeal with an extensive library of functions typical for the machine.

With the StarterSET, which is well adapted with plenty of room for custom programming and high degrees of freedom, you get the perfect entry into the automation world of SEW-EURODRIVE.

StarterSET for vertical FFS machines

Vertical FFS machine
Vertical FFS machine

Vertical FFS machines (VFFS) are the ideal packaging machines for filling bulk material such as nuts or candy. Bag size, pack weight, and product characteristics are decisive for the automation of machine functions and movements for this. The function libraries contained in the StarterSET include specially developed print mark correction functions that enable precise controlling of the print mark of the film to be processed.

The MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming software module contained in the StarterSET provides for volumetric filling synchronized in real time – e.g. by means of a worm. This is made possible due to the simple parameterization of the filling variant and the simultaneous clock-synchronized control of the responsible actuators.

Vertical FFS machines nearly all contain extensive drive and control functions and differ in their scope and performance. Accordingly, SEW-EURODRIVE offers two different high-performance StarterSETs for these different performance classes. On average, there are six synchronized servo axes in an FFS machine that are appropriately automated with the StarterSET Vertical Form Fill and Seal „advanced“ (624). Should further synchronized drives and additional complex automation tasks be added, we recommend the StarterSET Vertical Form Fill and Seal „progressive“ (626). Regardless of how many axes are to be driven and how high-performance the packaging machine must be in the end, with our modular StarterSET, we always offer the right basic equipment for the complete solution.

StarterSET for side loader/top loader multipackers

Side loader/top loader multpackers
Side loader/top loader multpackers

The widest variety of product formats must be processed with the lowest possible time and effort expended for a multipacker with a side loader or top loader design. This requires automation with the most extremely flexible program design – an ideal condition for the use of our MOVI-C® modular automation system.

Multipackers with a top loader design are used in the secondary packaging for products that cannot be accumulated or stacked. The prepared boxes and trays are automatically raised and glued in the packaging machine. One or more kinematics place the products from above into the boxes, which are then sealed and transported away. The side loader design without robot kinematics synchronized the products with the box based on a curve.

Removing, gluing, forming, filling, and sealing: The modular design of a multipacker of the top loader or side loader type can be quickly described and implemented with the matching StarterSET and the adapted MOVIKIT® software modules from the MOVI-C® modular automation system thanks to simple parameterization. In the StarterSET CasePacker „progressive“ (646), for example, there are functions such as the electronic cam for synchronized axis movements and for position-based valve controls in real time for this purpose. The StarterSET CasePacker Robotics „progressive“ (656) is perfectly adapted with the top loader version thanks to the additionally integrated robot functionality.

StarterSET for gantry palletizers / palletizing robots

Gantry palletizers / palletizing robots
Gantry palletizers / palletizing robots

Palletizers and palletizing robots are process automation systems for automatically combining packs on load carriers. There are basically four different types of palletizers: articulated arm robots, layer palletizers, linear robots, and gantry palletizers. Pack size, pack weight and, in particular, the work envelope are decisive for the machine functions and movements for this.

Our End-of-Line StarterSET always offers the right solution for this application. For gantry palletizers and linear robots, with and without 2-axis kinematics, the StarterSET End-of-Line „advanced“ (664) is the perfect choice. And for complex articulated arm robots or kinematic models with 4 axes, the StarterSET End-of-Line Robotics „progressive“ (676) is the perfect starter set.

The high flexibility and modular design of the StarterSET enables you to quickly realize any automation task for filling and depalletizing. The MOVIKIT® End-of-Line and End-of-Line Robotics bundles contained in the StarterSET offer a versatile software solution with extensive functions adapted to palletizers. They thereby guarantee perfect control of the robot axes for the best packaging protection and stacking quality in addition to speed and reliability.

Automation – Everything from a single source

With our MOVI-C® modular automation system, the StarterSET is infinitely expandable. The starter set thereby offers numerous options for quickly automating various machines or quickly realizing automation projects.

MOVI-C® modular automation system

MOVI‑C® modular automation system

  • Modular
  • Fully integrable
  • Everything from a single source
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