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Lean installations
Thanks to our seamlessly integrated combination of controllers and decentralized inverters that can be installed in the field.

Efficient automation
Three performance classes ensure you'll always have the right controller on hand for the most basic to the most dynamic applications.

Coordination of multiple axes
Thanks to a special optimized system bus (SNI) on a decentralized installation that enables intelligent coordination between axes.

Controller for control cabinet installations MultiMotion motion control platform Application Configurator for CCUs Visualization solutions for controllers
Decentralized controller for implementation of complex motion sequences in the field

From basic motion control tasks with minimal response time requirements to complex systems with multiple axes and extremely tight sequencing, automation takes yet another step in the right direction. Operators of various systems and machines are looking for exceptionally intelligent, reliable technologies that allow for lean installations.

The controller platforms from our controller hardware portfolio are also available in designs integrated in decentralized inverters and decentralized controllers.

Because the extended MOVIFIT® drive inverter and MOVIPRO® application inverter is so easy to install in the field, you can design basic to complex conveyor systems in a way that is modular and therefore highly flexible.

  • basic performance class: For use as a local module controller for stationary materials handling systems for basic automated tasks with speed and positioning applications.
  • standard performance class: For use as a module controller with motion control functions such as positioning, average response times, and up to 16 axes
  • advanced performance class: For use as a module controller with high-end motion control functions such as electronic drives and cams, short response times, and up to 16 axes
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  • MOVIPRO® ADC with integrated advanced control card
  • For compact performance with decentralized field installation up to IP54
  • As a freely programmable motion and logic controller with libraries and program modules specifically designed for applications in materials handling technology
  • As a configurable control unit (CCU) with special application modules for materials handling and positioning applications, such as universal mode and rapid/creep positioning
  • Motion and logic controller for very short response times
  • Technology motion and control libraries and program modules such as electronic drives and cams
  • SD memory card for easy unit replacement
  • Rapid engineering via USB and Ethernet
  • 1 x Ethernet interface (10/100 BaseT) for engineering or TCP/IP and UDP via IEC 61131-3
  • 1 x Ethernet interface as SBUSPLUS (EtherCat®) master
  • 1 x CAN interface, electrically isolated
  • 1 x RS485 interface, electrically isolated
  • PROFIBUS slave DP-V1, DeviceNet slave (DHF41B)
  • PROFINET slave, EtherNet/IP slave, Modbus TCP/IP slave
  • 12 digital inputs and 4 digital inputs/outputs
  • Status display for PLC and fieldbus
  • PC-readable memory card for firmware and application programs