Turbo boost for the small SPIROPLAN® gear units

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We all know boosters - be it as a short-term energy boost for engines or liquid, with different flavours from a small can. Our small SPIROPLAN® gear units in sizes W..10, W..20 and W..30 have been given a turbo boost - but unlike boosters, this is permanent.

Turboboost for the small SPIOPLAN® gear units

How do you achieve an almost rocket-like increase in performance with small angular gears?

Correct: You combine extended calculation possibilities with the potential of the new premium gear oil from SEW-EURODRIVE. At least that's what the experts in our development department have done. And the result is a permanent mega performance boost for our small SPIROPLAN® gear units.

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Up to 115 % more power

This PDF gives you all the information you need to increase the torque of SPIROPLAN® gear units.

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Your benefits

  • More safety when using devices,

    as the increased torques lead to higher operating factors (fB).
  • Size jump down,

    since you may be able to use a smaller size for new projects.
  • Increased combinatorics and more possibilities,

    as the new operating factors result in additional gear-motor combinations.
  • Always at the cutting edge of technology,

    without this causing additional costs for you.