SEW at Vision Robotics & Motion 2019

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    SEW solutions for machine automation

    Discover the future of machine automation at Vision Robotics & Motion

Visit us at 12 & 13 June at booth 221

If you want to experience a modular automation system for all-in-one solutions from a single source - come and visit SEW-EURODRIVE 12 and 13 June at the Vision Robotics & Motion in Veldhoven. Be our guest at booth 221.

We will show you

Our MOVI-C® modular machine automation solutions from a single source

MOVI-C® is the all-in-one solution for automation tasks. Whether you want to implement standards-based single-axis or multi-axis applications, particularly complex motion control applications or customized automation solutions, MOVI-C® can help you do all that and give you the scope to achieve optimum automation for new projects.

Control technology
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More freedom in terms of parameterization, less programming work and centralized data management for greater simplicity.

Decentralized drive technology
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Special components for use in decentralized installations, applications and system topologies.

Inverter technology
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MOVIDRIVE® is available as a modular multi-axis system with single/double-axis modules and as a basic inverter with line connection.

Engineering software
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Quicker and simpler planning, startup, operation and diagnostics in drive technology with unique usability.

Robotics software module
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Ultra-easy universal control of a wide range of serial and parallel robot kinematics

DDI data interface
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Just one hybrid cable is required and installed for the data connection between the frequency inverter and electric motor. Sends performance, brake and diagnostic data to the motor.

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