Industrial gear unit solutions from a single source

With us, you get more than just products. Companies are trending toward tailored drive packages and system solutions. We have the application knowledge you want and offer the process and logistics expertise you need.

From engineering to service – your added value for heavy industry

More than just industrial gear units – we offer custom application solutions
More than industrial gear units – we offer custom application solutions
More than industrial gear units – we offer custom application solutions

When systems manufacturers in heavy industries such as construction, mining or cement production talk about industrial gear units, they rarely talk about individual components. In most instances, our customers are looking for custom solutions with which they can quickly and reliably equip their systems and dependably get them up and running. This is why we at SEW-EURODRIVE consider ourselves problem solvers for all things drive technology – and for more than 80 years.

Our customers benefit greatly from the fact that we – unlike almost every other provider on the market – can provide a fully comprehensive drive technology portfolio from a single source. We rely not only on our own universal expertise in mechanical, electrical and electronic drive technology for your solutions. We also offer the necessary expertise in control technology, engineering tools and system software on the one hand, and machine safety and energy efficiency on the other.

As a skilled and reliable partner, we are always at your side

From initial planning and configuring to starting up and maintaining the industrial gear unit solution in your system. We offer:

  • Compact drive packages and tailored, complete industrial gear unit systems
  • Technically adept consulting from application specialists with years of experience
  • Order-specific drive system engineering including integration into your system
  • Quick availability of in-stock components near you thanks to our global production network
  • Experienced service worldwide for quick availability and skilled assistance on site


Your consulting network

When our customers in heavy industry need industrial gear units, most projects are engineer to order (ETO) and assemble to order (ATO). Orders without a design stage tend to be in the minority since the systems are so complex. This is why, for us, problem solving begins with the sale. And since these kinds of projects are often of an international nature, our technically adept consultants, with years of industry experience, provide you with local application support on site – even in other countries.

Your benefits

  • Consistent consulting

    From our application specialists with years of experience who determine and meet all of your specific needs.
  • Joint conception

    Through custom co-engineering, which our consultants complete with you at an early stage.
  • Global coordination

    On international projects with equally intensive consulting services that include your local end customers.


Your engineering network

Our engineering services range from order-specific drive package designing to specific solution integration configuring, or even planning an entire system upon request. Co-engineering is our priority throughout this process. We are not concerned with quick, short-term solutions, but with working with our customers to develop long-term strategies for their applications.

The knowledge gathered is networked by us in-house. To do this, we work internally with our own multi-product experts on topics such as tribology. This allows us to continue developing and learning from one another. The result is interdisciplinary expertise accumulated over years of experience that are utilize for the benefit of our customers on each new order – for tailored and custom-fit solutions.

Your benefits

  • Long-term solutions

    Since our developments take into account what your application solution should look like in a few years.
  • Close co-engineering

    Since a tailored and sustainable application solution is only possible by working closely with the customer.
  • Interdisciplinary expertise

    That allows you to benefit from our joint knowledge of all areas of our extensive drive technology.
  • Dependable commitment

    Since we keep our promises and stick to the agreements we make together with the customer.


Your production network

Modern production plant for industrial gear units in Bruchsal, Germany
Large gear unit plant in Bruchsal, Germany
Large gear unit plant in Bruchsal, Germany

As a global manufacturer of drive technology and drive automation, we are at home on five continents with our modern and powerful manufacturing and assembly plants. This means we are always near you or near your end customers. A close international network providing you both with experts for local application support and with in-stock components for quick, on-site replacement.

Our global production sites for industrial gear units

  • Bruchsal, Germany: Production and assembly of series X and P industrial gear units
  • Karkkila, Finland: Production and assembly of series X and MC industrial gear units
  • Indaiatuba, Brazil: Production and assembly of series X, XP, P and MC industrial gear units
  • Tianjin, China: Production and assembly of series MC, M1, ML, XP, P industrial gear units and segmented girth gears
  • Pilsen, Czech Republic: Assembly of modified and standard gear units
  • Lyman, USA: Assembly of series X, P and MC industrial gear units
  • Santiago, Chile: Assembly of series MC industrial gear units
  • Jurong, Singapore: Assembly of series MC industrial gear units
  • Nelspruit, South Africa: Assembly of series X, P and MC industrial gear units
  • Melbourne, Australia: Assembly of series X, P and MC industrial gear units
  • Baroda, India: Assembly of series MC industrial gear units


Your service network

Industrial gear unit service
Industrial gear unit service
Industrial gear unit service

With SEW-EURODRIVE, you have the best hand in terms of service: A trailblazing, globally dense network of in-house service locations and industrial gear unit service hubs ensure you can always reach us and get the help you need on site. This worldwide local service provides you with service experts who have years of experience and application expertise – even when it comes to the other guy's products.

The Industrial Gear Unit Service from our service portfolio CDS® (Complete Drive Service) is extensive:

  • Startup of industrial gear units and application solutions, incl. laser drive alignment and initial oil filling
  • Inspection and maintenance, incl. gear unit diagnostic examination with an inspection scope and complete oil management
  • Repair, incl. reworking of all housings and shafts or manufacturing of gearing components and shafts to template/drawing
  • Retrofitting, incl. energy-efficiency aspects or precise reproduction of your components
  • And much more

Your benefits

  • Service from a single source

    Through intensive, local support from capable, in-house service experts with years of experience and application expertise.
  • Rapid on-site assistance

    Thanks to a global network of local service locations
  • Comprehensive service

    That also integrates peripheral components such as couplings, oil coolers, sensors, motors and products from other manufacturers.

Areas of application

Your areas of application for services and solutions

Our added value and services in all things related to industrial gear unit solutions are always available wherever heavy loads are being moved at high torque.

Materials handling tasks"

  • Mining
  • Construction and construction materials industries
  • Timber industry
  • Steel industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Recycling industry
  • Cargo (ports, depots, airports, etc.)
  • Sugar industry (sugar beets, cane sugar)
  • Tobacco industry
  • Farming


  • Nautical: capstans, windlasses
  • Construction and mining: winches and more

Agitating, mixing, aerating:

  • Water treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry and more
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