Bridge crane with frequency-controlled motors

Our bridge crane package solution with frequency-controlled motors is designed for medium requirements on dynamic properties.

Reduced movement is achieved using defined acceleration and deceleration ramps

Bridge crane variant with frequency-controlled motors
This variant meets medium requirements on dynamic properties
This variant meets medium requirements on dynamic properties

Complete simple transport processes with the bridge crane application solution with frequency-controlled motors. Use this solution to transport heavy loads. Adjusted acceleration and deceleration ramps control the motors. This substantially reduces the movement of transported goods. This variant offers you a cost-efficient drive package with good dynamics and positioning accuracy. Speed control of the bridge crane package variant is also infinitely variable with the frequency-controlled motors.

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Your benefits

  • Cost efficient package

    for medium dynamic properties.
  • Reduced movement

    achieved by defined acceleration and deceleration ramps.
  • Drive technology

    is high quality and powerful.
  • Startup

    of components is fast.

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