Bridge crane with speed-controlled motors

We have designed our variant of the bridge crane package solution with speed-controlled motors to prevent movement of heavy transported goods.

Prevents movement of heavy transported goods

Bridge crane variant with speed-controlled motors
Variant prevents movement of heavy transported goods
Variant prevents movement of heavy transported goods

This variant allows you to position the load accurately, which is important for the transport of heavy objects. This is implemented by controlling the motors with frequency inverters using adjusted acceleration and deceleration ramps.

A closed loop system is created using encoder feedback. You thus achieve more dynamic properties in your systems.

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Your benefits

  • Encoder feedback

    enables precise positioning of motors.
  • Reduced movement

    achieved by defined acceleration and deceleration ramps.
  • Optimum diagnosis

    of all components with the aid of the monitor operation.
  • Communication

    across all commercial bus systems.
  • Drive technology

    is high quality and powerful.
  • Startup

    by means of predefined modules is fast.

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