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Stacker cranes with satellite technology

stacker cranes with satellites as load bearing devices enable multi-depth storage. This allows you to make optimal use of the available space as well as to implement precise storage processes with a higher handling frequency.

Satellite technology for multi-depth storage

MAXOLUTION® system solution for stacker crane with satellite
MAXOLUTION® system solution for stacker crane with satellite
MAXOLUTION® system solution for stacker crane with satellite

Our MAXOLUTION® system solution for stacker crane offers you a practical overall concept from a singe source. This performance optimized system solution consists of the following MAXOLUTION® components: drive technology, energy management, control technology, communication and safety technology - all fully compatible with each other.

Communication with the satellite occurs at various positions on the stacker crane. Our modern safety technology ensures safe functioning. Also optimize your storage enabling improved material flow in the context of your overall processes.

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Your benefits

  • Pinpoint control

    with our navigation and positioning infrastructure
  • Compact storage

    with satellites in the aisles enabling improved use of space in terms of depth
  • Cable free travel

    thanks to our integrated energy storage device and the WLAN communication
  • Operate more reliably

    as our MAXOLUTION® solutions provide an intelligent and holistic system for functional safety

System scope

  • Drive components from our proven modular concept
  • WLAN communication
  • Energy management with Drive Power Solution with integrated energy storage device
  • MOVI-PLC®motion and logic controller

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