HMIBuilder.PRO engineering software

Human and machine – both sides have to keep up with the growing requirements in industrial production. What is needed here are suitable HMI interfaces (Human Machine Interfaces) and HMI builders that let the user program HMI solutions quickly and let personnel monitor processes easily.

HMIBuilder.PRO – for perfect system integration

PC screen with the HMI-BuilderPro interface on a light-blue background

The HMI-Builder.PRO software is available for programming DOP 11C operator panels. Even in highly complex systems, this software provides a perfect interface between humans and machines (Human Machine Interface) and works according to the "What you see is what you get" principle.

It allows you to configure and test your programming and visualization tasks in advance. Thanks to the integrated simulation mode, you can do this without any additional hardware. And the software’s efficient program design minimizes your configuration work.

You have access to numerous integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) functions, including recipe management, alarm management, an integrated Web server and much more. All in all, this operating software will increase your operational reliability and reduce your development costs.

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Your advantages

  • Illustrative programming

    because even during programming, a visualization shows you what the plant operator will later see on his or her operator panel
  • Intuitive human-machine interaction

    thanks to the "What you see is what you get" software principle and simple and vivid icons designed especially for mobile panels
  • Minimum project planning effort

    thanks to a modern and efficient program design with numerous integrated HMI functions


HMI-Builder.PRO for programming stationary DOP panels

  • Optimal interaction between visualization and our control technology
  • Perfect system integration as an integral component of MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio
  • Standardized development environment for the entire C series (from the small 4.3" panel through to high-end 15.4" visualization supported by MOVI-PLC® power)
  • Minimal configuration work thanks to modern, efficient program design
  • Numerous integrated HMI functions such as recipe management, alarm management, an integrated Web server and much more increase operational reliability and reduce development costs
  • Open scripting function in C# that offers the full flexibility of the .NET Framework architecture for complex visualization tasks
  • Integrated simulation mode allows you to configure and test visualization tasks in advance – even without hardware

HMI-Builder for programming and operating the DOP11B-M7 mobile operator panel

Circular machine operator panel with screen in the center and buttons to the left and right of it
DOP11B-M70 mobile operator panel
DOP11B-M70 mobile operator panel

The DOP11B-M70 mobile operator panels are programmed using the HMI-Builder software. This software provides an interface between humans and machines (human-machine interface) and works according to the "What you see is what you get" principle. This way, you can already see during programming how the visualization will look for your system operator later.

HMI-Builder provides an object library with a large selection of static and dynamic objects. These objects are represented by simple and illustrative symbols. Just select the objects and edit them. The result is your custom screen view.

  • Operator panel programming
  • "What you see is what you get" software concept
  • Display of the operator visualization even during programming
  • Extensive object library with a large selection of static and dynamic objects
  • Objects are displayed using simple, clear icons for the custom screen view

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