General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sales and Delivery (Netherlands)

The general sales and delivery conditions for the technological industry, drawn up by the FME-CWM association (Vereniging FME-CWM) apply to all our quotations and to the agreements we conclude, unless agreed otherwise in writing. We explicitly reject any general purchase conditions you might use. In contravention to the FME-CWM conditions the quoted price is fixed for 60 days and the warranty period amounts to two years.

A printed version of the FME-CWM conditions can be requested via

Compliance Export Control and Sanctions (Addendum to the Terms and Conditions of Sales and Delivery)

A number of laws and regulations apply to the export of products, such as drives, to other countries. Sanctions also apply if these laws and regulations are broken. SEW-EURODRIVE adheres to these laws and regulations. For this reason, we would like to point out the applicable rules on Compliance with Export Control and Sanctions. These form part of our agreement and services.

Naleving van exportcontrole en sancties (d.d. 30-06-2020) (PDF, 78 kB)

Conditions when placing an order via Online Support as of 01-12-2016

The FME-CMW conditions also apply to inquiries and orders concerning SEW-EURODRIVE products and services submitted via our Online Support customer portal: By ordering you declare to accept these conditions.

Before given the right to order online, we request the user to sign an agrement in which the user declares to be informed about the terms of conditions, has knowledge of our products and knows how to configure them and understands the proces of ordering online.

Terms and Conditions Online Support (PDF, 42 kB)

SEW-EURODRIVE subsidiaries and branches outside of the Netherlands

The respective local general (delivery) terms and conditions apply for transactions with customers of SEW-EURODRIVE subsidiaries and branches: