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    Wynveen International, a leading Dutch designer and manufacturer of cattle feed processing systems, uses industrial gears from SEW-EURODRIVE for heavy duties

The economic crisis that dominates business these days, for the greater part ignores the mixed feed industry. This industry is doing well and export increases steadily. Wynveen International B.V. has its hands full with it.

Wynveen applies industrial gears for heavy mixing and stirring jobs

Wynveen International B.V., established in Heteren, is a leading Dutch company in the field of design, production and installation of compound feed plants and even complete factories for the animal feed industry (cattle, fish and animal feed). These are especially realized abroad, because the Dutch market has gradually become saturated. About 80% of the made products, such as hammer mills, mixers, dosing and weighing systems and sieves, is exported. Especially Russia and Scandinavia (fish feed) are now significant markets, but also developing countries. These countries want to be self-sufficient and because of their growing prosperity want to produce and process their own feed.

The history of Wynveen International B.V. goes back to two brothers who sold mill stones in 1795. The original family business is now part of the Triott group, also a Dutch company.

Wynveen International B.V. is applying among others the industrial gearboxes of SEW-EURODRIVE for the drive of mixers for years now. Van der Spoel: "The mixer is the heart of the feed installation. For example, we supply band and paddle mixers to 12,000 liters. We deliberately opt for an A-brand, because the majority of our products is exported abroad and we want to avoid going there often for repairs. But also the fact that SEW-EURODRIVE has offices worldwide plays a role, in addition to experienced service-orientation and satisfaction about the quality of the drives."

Van der Spoel signals some trends in the compound feed industry. The plants are becoming larger, up to 150 tons/hour and consequently also the capacity of the machines and the size of the mixers grow. And the quality requirements are more stringent for new machines, especially for those related to fire safety. This is expressed in the need to provide drive systems with ATEX21 certifications. SEW-EURODRIVE is able to supply the industrial gearboxes of the X series with ATEX.

A recent project involves the delivery of two vacuum coaters DPMA-2100 to Ambar South in Israel. Because of the vacuum application larger amounts of fluid are added to animal feed for chicken and turkeys. These are evenly divided and sucked deeply into the grain. This ensures that the precious ingredients are not lost. The vacuum application also ensures a solid protective layer that avoids crumbling. In this project bevel gear units type X3TA100/B from SEW were supplied.

Quote: Pascal van der Spoel: production manager

What makes Wynveen so special?

That's the fact that we realize complete turnkey projects: From designing and developing to production and installation of machines.

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