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Thema day: SAP in a lean assembly environment


Note down Wednesday 11 January 2017! On this day we again organize the ‘SAP in a lean assembly environment’ theme day (free of charge).

Mr Rob Boot, our experienced functional SAP administrator, will then point out how we:

  • Plan and prepare the work
  • Shorten lead times
  • Reduce stocks
  • Apply e-kanban and two-bin
  • Monitor the delivery reliability
  • Organize urgent deliveries smoothly …

Thus making clear how we developed and realized our current procedures by means of SAP.

Participants’reviews after attending the class

Duncan Metsemakers, purchase manager with Wiener Duyvis: “The concept that Rob presents, is very explanatory, e real eye-opener. One-piece-flow has great appeal for me.”

Gert Mellink, supervisor purchasing with CPM Europe: “This is the most interesting workshop that I attended in the last 15 years in the field of purchase. Further to this workshop I attended the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training and it is likely that I will continue with the Green Belt.”

Willy van Deursen, head of technical arrangements with Ahrend Productiebedrijven: “It’s remarkable that sales is directly communicating with production without an intermediate planning department. All in all for us a successful afternoon.”


Our aim is to have as much interaction between the participants as possible. Therefore we work towards a group size of 8 to 10 people.


12.00 – 12:15 o’clock welcome
12.15 – 13.00 o’clock lunch
13.00 – 14.00 o’clock presentation ‘Applying SAP in an assembly environment’
14.00 – 15.00 o’clock assembly tour
15.00 – 16.45 o’clock discussion – exchange of ideas
17.00 o’clock closing


Industrieweg 175

010 44 63 768