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Partnership with JINC Rotterdam


SEW-EURODRIVE B.V. has entered into a partnership with JINC Rotterdam. JINC helps young people that grow up in an underprivileged environment to get going on the labour market.

Working together with JINC


The current partnership means that we support the JINC organization financially, open our doors for pupils (for further flying apprenticeships) and provide employees as trainer or coach.

The JINC learning path consists of all kinds of projects, in which young people get acquainted with professions. They also learn effective behavior with respect to apprenticeship and work. For example there is the ‘Werkwijs’ project, in which children learn social and communicative skills. During the job interview training they learn the tricks of the trade in the field of applying for a job.

A number of colleagues will participate in the JINC activities this year. For more information we refer to: