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    Trendsetting solutions for storage/retrieval systems

How can you make your processes in material management more efficient?

Today, the automation of storage/retrieval systems is an integral part of efficient intralogistics. They guarantee smooth material management processes, save time and support processes associated with storage. Storage/retrieval systems with satellites as load bearing devices enable multi-depth storage.

Our storage/retrieval system portfolio

Your benefits

  • Saving energy

    through the intelligent and economic automation design of our MAXOLUTION® automation solutions
  • Operate more reliably

    with the holistic scope of safetyDRIVE functional safety
  • Economic storage

    thanks to storage/retrieval systems with satellites in the aisles enabling improved use of space in terms of depth
  • Bundle controls

    with our MOVI-PLC® motion and logic controller and the IEC61131 programming language
  • Pinpoint control

    with our navigation and positioning infrastructure
  • Cable free travel

    thanks to our integrated energy storage device and Wi-Fi communication

Individual storage/retrieval systems

Storage/retrieval system (SRS) in a production facility
Storage/retrieval system (SRS)

In addition to proven drive and multi-axis systems, we also provide additional technology modules for storage/retrieval systems as part of a MAXOLUTION® automation solution:

Control technology: Today, mobile conveying systems such as storage/retrieval systems (SRS) contain multiple controllers. They perform tasks such as generating the travel profile or controlling the inputs and outputs. It is possible to bundle all the control tasks using our MOVI-PLC® motion and logic controller and the IEC61131 programming language.

safetyDRIVE functional safety: You are always on the safe side with us. This is because our system solutions include STO safe disconnection, SLS safe limited speed, SLP safety limited position and safe information transfer. This safety technology protects your employees and storage/retrieval system (SRS) and allows more storage space due to the reduced buffer.

Energy management: Whether it is energy savings via intelligent control of the drive and lifting axes of the storage/retrieval system (SRS), or via energy regeneration, we provide everything your end customer needs. By using our MOVI-DPS®, you save energy and reduce the connected load. The result is lower installation costs and reduced use of material.

Satellite technology for multi-depth storage

Our MAXOLUTION® automation solution for satellite storage/retrieval systems offers you a practical overall concept from a single source. This performance-optimized system solution consists of the following MAXOLUTION® components: drive technology, energy management, control technology, communication and safety technology – all fully compatible with each other.

Communication with the satellite occurs at various positions on the storage/retrieval system. Our modern safety technology ensures safe functioning. Optimize storage in your logistics center to enable improved material flow within the scope of your processes.

With our broad palette of automation technology ranging from motor and gear units to automated high-bay warehouses, we offer the right systems for your company.

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